Great Waters Challenge

I am part of Waterlution’s Great Waters Challenge – a game for storytelling about water. Yes, I am still a youth (as defined in this competition: under the age of 30). Just barely. Canada’s 150th year is my last year of being considered as part of this youth category, so I’m taking it.

I’m doing this because it’s Canada 150th birthday and I love working on water issues – this is such a great platform to learn and contribute to those! The other reason I’m doing this is that I love what Waterlution does, and as part of my involvement with this organization, I’m super pumped to be a participant in the Water Innovation Lab India. I will also be using this blog to document lessons learned and exciting ideas from the lab.

Follow along on this blog! I will be posting these under the category “Great Waters Challenge”.

Great Waters Challenge Blog Posts:

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